Thursday, August 25, 2016

From Glacierless National Park to the Neverglades

After a Hundred Years of the Park Service,

Women poised to lead Democratic return


Tantaros lawyer: Sexual harassment suit was ‘only the beginning’

Surface water shifting around the Earth

Sen. Jeff Flake relishes his role

"I was escorted off a flight because of racist profiling. "

The new MA Law about Hiring has a few bugs

It has taken Employers less than one to get around asking what dollar compensation.
And  only a week to harass you for not  giving it.
910 940 4403

How Russian, Chinese and Indian film-makers are taking on Marvel

How Russian, Chinese and Indian film-makers are taking on Marvel
It has taken 30 years, to get off the RPG and on to the screen.

Gut reaction: the surprising power of microbes

Can War Reporting Be a Feminist Project?

Hillary Clinton’s Relationship With the Press Is Broken

The Forgotten Millennials

Roger Ailes, the Clintons, and the Scandals of the Scandalmongers

What You Think You Know About Money

Italy: 247

Gene test can reduce chemo use among breast-cancer patients, study says

Obesity Is Linked to at Least 13 Types of Cancer

Private Prison Giant CCA Accused of "False and Misleading Statements”

Pundits, Decrying the Horrors of War in Aleppo, Demand Expanded War

What Were Blogs?

Anorexia, breast binding and the legitimisation of body hatred

A Monument to Outlast Humanity