Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zuill Bailey on the Dvorak Concerto

Zuill Bailey is fine cellist, but even more, he can show young musicians how to grow as musicians, this short video on just the opening bars of the famous Dvorak cello concerto give insight on how to develop, and the the focus on even a few measures. This kind of intensity is coupled with a levity of wit, and a brevity, that shows even casual listeners what it takes to perform a great work. This video deserves far more views than it has.


  1. Wow - thanks for posting this. I've been a fan of Zuill Bailey since I first discovered him back in 2003 when he was on the cover of "Fanfare". Link:

    It's amazing how the student had trouble going back to the most basic rhythm as it is written on the page.

    I never thought to look up Master Classes on YouTube. I'll have to start doing a lot more of that - thanks!

  2. I've watched several of his master class videos, and they have all been filled with gems of how to grapple with the issues of performance and playing.