Saturday, January 12, 2013

Aaron Swartz died for your freedom

He was a hero, in an age that worships celebrity. He was rewarded for his talent, and punished for his genius. That the best are snuffed out, is not an accident.

Fugue for Aaron is here.

There is a petition to fire the US District Attorney.

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  1. In some way, MIT (or the old MIT, it seems to have changed, and not for the better) is a relic of an earlier time, when nurturing eccentric geniuses was seen as part of the National Interest. As a child I was nurtured on the idea of MIT being a "hacker" mecca (hacker in the non-criminal sense of the word), sort of a beautiful utopia in Massachusetts.

    Nowadays, eccentric geniuses are seen as potentially disruptive to entrenched power, so I'm surprised MIT hasn't been completely altered to reflect this. (It does seem that MIT's administration has learned to play ball, even if the actual campus still seems to be operating as a relic of a better age.)

    I feel sorry for Aaron.