Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brooks lies with the truth

The best lie, is the truth without context. David Brooks attacks neo-Keynesian stimulus with a truth: the evidence is that the problems with the American economy are structural. While Krugman can lie, and say "all the evidence is that the problems are lack of demand," the price of resources contradicts him. If this were a cyclical problem, then the price of resources and the ability of those that sell them to keep their profits, would be near zero. Deflationary liquidity traps hit the resource producers much harder than others, because they have less flexibility in their capital employment. You can't sell, what you can't mine.

However, the reality is that the structural problems that Brooks speaks of, are largely the creation of his preferred ideology, and yes, the result of lack of government spending. The problem the left faces is that while correctly understanding that more, not less, public investment is required to fix the economy, they absolutely refuse to do this. Krugman's defense of the ACA/PACA is case in point. The ACA moves more money to financial insurance companies, who are part of the structural problem. A health care bill, as opposed to a health insurance bill, would have created a huge investment to shift national effort from selling fast food and other forms of unhealthy activity, to selling health care and improving human capital. The price effects of the bill, are zero, all of the trumpeted reduction in health care spending, is cyclical. Or to put it another way, Krugman decries depression economics, except when it saves his political ass.

Brooks decries neo-Keynesian stimulus, and yet the very financial meltdown he attacks was entirely caused by the misallocated structural spending of his party - the Republican Party ran the government when we built oil consuming houses and ran two losing wars and invested in making more billionaires. The meltdown is from the structural problems that Brooks advocates. He might as well say that by creating a camp for young people, Socialists are to blame because they put Brevick's victims all in one place.

Brooks has no desire to reduce superstar salaries, except in the cases where these salaries are annoying to his masters. Lord knows that if Brooks thought superstar salaries were a problem, he could ask for a pay cut. A big one.

Brooks has no desire to reduce the carbon economy. He racks up too many air miles.

Brooks has no desire to end the red queen's race of wealth, except if it involves invading Iraq again - a policy he supported nearly to the bitter end.

Brooks has no desire to increase education, but instead to reduce it, that is what is cut when governments cut spending.

In short, one could go down the list of structural problems and find that Brooks is a loud, public, and consistent proponent for making them all worse by closing the few remaining avenues out of poverty, killing millions with structural inequality, and promoting a global order of war, torture, and violence, from which his ideology profits. If Krugman lies in support of his slice of the truth, Brooks is worth, he tells only so much truth as is useful to protect his slice of the lies.

Generation #fail goes marching on. And every day that David Brooks is allowed to publish in front of more than three goats, two bats, and a three legged dog, is further proof that it is a generation without moral character, intellectual integrity, or even a scrap of human decency. Brooks cheerful advocates the murder of millions, as the way to solve the problems created by the millions his ideology has murdered over the last thirty years. The distant descendants of this time will look at this generation the same way we look at chattel slavery, it will simply be incomprehensible to them how such a vile institution could be, not only allowed, but protected.