Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Dogs of War 75% complete

Schedule currently is for The Silent Sphere to be released in October, and Dogs of War in November.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Halfway point of "Dogs of War"

The Clockwork Cosmos is a universe which runs on natural philosophy, rather than natural science. There are seven planets, spheres, each inhabited by a goddess, and seven suns, each of which inhabited by a god. The first series set in this universe centers around one of the goddesses going silent, and a group of adventurers are dispatched to find out. The voyage through the interplanetary space is detailed in the first book The Silent Sphere which is now at the editor.

The second book details what happens when the characters get there, finding that anarchy is loosed on the world, and they must find a way to blunt the legions of Death.

The main characters are

Albrecht – a soldier painter from Eowilonwey, based on Albrecht Dürer, a young, brilliant, handsome, blonde, but hot headed and often heedless of the consequences of his actions. In a universe filled with godlings and worship, he is mostly immune to the power of small deities. He is hopelessly infatuated, though he calls it love, with...

Princess Si-yeona, a sorceress escaped from a small and surrounded "Kingdom of the Jade Throne" on Tianxin. At home she is required to spend endless hours performing bit parts in rituals, and is destined to be married off to some minor warlord for political reasons. She is bold, brave, and very clever. But as with most people from a court society, very cold and calculating.

Captain Niccolo – a rough hewn captain, who has expertly navigated the most dangerous routes between the worlds then known. He is gruff, imperious, dedicated, and gifted. He and Albrecht feud constantly, as Albrecht's brilliance is often the source of wondrous, but not always workable, ideas.

Morwethe - A voluptuous dark priestess of a rather putzly godling of healing, who has an earthy sensibility, and is on a quest to elevate her godling far beyond his current station. She is skilled in alchemy, healing arts, and is a crack shot with both hackbut – that is matchlock firearm – and canon. She has fallen in with ...

Higar – who begins as a man mountain worshipper of a godling who has made an avatar in a powerful maul. His godling is killed and Higar begins to become what he would have been otherwise: a tall and agile warrior. He is steadfast, streetwise, sensible, and even tempered. He takes terrible punishment to hold together the ship and the front life of battle, but is also torn apart by the pain of losing his god, and his way.

The Summoner - A powerful and canny practitioner of one of the most dangerous of magical arts, he is enormously capable of working all of the angles and loopholes of the world. He creates the basis for the magic ship they sail. However, he is somewhat over possessed with his own puissance.

Jehanjir – A great astrologer, who 2000 years ago won a card came with Death, by cheating. He has built a complex orrery that tracks the delicate dance of the planets around the suns, and is deeply learned. However, for much of the last 1800 years, he has also been a near invalid because while he gained long life, he did not gain youth. He strives to balance the conflicts between the others.

In Dogs of War they are gradually drawn into the ground war on Korana, even as they attempt to get back on the track of advancing the mission they came for: finding out what has happened to make Korana go mad. The discover that Eo, the home world of Albrecht and Niccolo, is at war with Korana, but for reasons they do not yet understand...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Editing Silent Sphere

Also half finished with an acidly satirical novella Salim's House. In the end product, if you aren't offended, you either have no beliefs at all, or no pulse at all.

Finished with 1/4 of the second "Clockwork Cosmos" novel, The Dogs of War which follows the fortunes of the crew of the ship from The Silent Sphere as they discover what has happened, and is happening, on the surface of Korana.

Silent Sphere will be out October 1st.