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I am writing this in a very different from mind from my last diary entry. Last time I was writing about someone who basically said, “I could of died out there, really.” Which from the point of view of someone who has long surpassed this realization, is not a very noticeable statement. It's true, and for the nature of the writer, profound, but is in no way interesting to most people. At least most people who are in search of a deeper, and more significant, theory of life. That is why I am writing about Jill Bolte Taylor, who is on a deeper, and more significant, realization.

JBT is long past having an instant realization that she could die, which if you think about it, is something that anyone could realize, at any time, with any level of circumstance. Ric realized it when his plane seemed destined to crash, but it doesn't take something so foreboding is that. You can have this realization in picking up a piece of meat that looks like your mother. That's why it's instantaneous, anything can trigger it. But JBT had a more radical breakdown, though the signs of it were there in her life. She grew up studying the brain because of her brother's brain, and though she doesn't talk about in this terms, it could be her, rather than her brother, which triggered an insight.

And what was that insight? It started as out as answering the question what is it that distinguishes “normal people” - because there really isn't normal people - from diagnosed schizophrenic individuals? And the road they used was studying the microcircuitry of the brain, and the connections in the brain that are different from other brian, which could be characterized as different in the rather rough way that understand schizophrenic, or bipolar disabled.

Then she had one of her own, and looked from “normal” to something else and back again. As she said in her title, she could not walk talk read write or call any of her life, and became a child in an adult human body. It would take her years to come back. As opposed to the instant that I talked about before. This then, was a deeper transition, and therefore it had deeper effects. She had to start from the bottom, and realize there were things that she needed to know about herself, especially about all of the components that make up “self”.

She explains that the brain is in two cerebral cortex is that our completely, and I will say “almost”, because she and I both understand that the corpus collosum play the role of communicating between the two halves, and they are different with different people. In general, women have a great deal more communication then men do, but it is not entirely reliable. She explains that t”he right hemisphere functions like a parallel processor”, while the left is a great deal more “serial”. That is the right can generally think about more than one thing, while the left can consume only one thing before going off and dealing with the next thing.

This is, of course, a recital to what happened to her. She explains how the left and the right think differently. One drinking about the past, and one oriented to feature. And critically only one part, of the left part, says one thing crucially important. “I am me”, where as the right brain doesn't really care. That difference means we can be conscious, but not aware of this fact. Think about the time that you were doing things, but have no recollection of this, even in the present.

She then describes that the brain didn't know that it was going to have a stroke, it just happened and left clues behind for the brain to discover on its own. And then signs were “peculiar” enough so that that was noticed by her conscious mind. She noticed that her perceptions were deliberate and not fluid, she noticed that they were hard, but she thought that it was in the range of normal, and she just had to tell herself to grip harder, and relax more. We, the audience understand that she was having a stroke already, but was not giving herself time to recognize it, she was doing things and the signs of the stroke were too much to recognize.

And then she lost her balance, and she could no longer define the boundaries are of her body. But she still didn't know that she was having a stroke. Remember this is someone who defines stroke as they are life existence, so for the rest of us if you think your having a stroke, chances are you have been having one for a very long time, and have just noticed it now. Then something important happened, her left brain chatter went totally silent, though she heard something magnificent about this that captivated her attention.

At first when her left brain started out, the first thing it did was to say she had a problem. But in the second place she found it exhilarating, and she then new that she had had a stroke. This was a long time since Ric had made his inference, because he was totally in his right mind. Whereas Jill was not. She was experiencing a stroke from the inside, and things were different, because she was still experiencing thought not feeling the same boundaries.

Then she tried to call the office, and then she immediately realized that all of the patterns were no longer in her mind, and she had to sort through them painfully, and deduced when she had made progress on dialing the number, her number and not someone else's. And then she finds out that noise has replace speech, in her mind. And their were different questions to spit at. She thought that this could be it, but wasn't sure it was. It took her 45 minutes to do this, something that normally wouldn't take a few minutes, most of them waiting for sounds and giving appropriate responses.

Then the realization hit: she had found someplace which she called Nirvana, and it was beautiful. It changed her life in 1000 ways that she can not even begin to describe. The rest of her talk is about how dexterity and two cognitive minds have the power to be one with the world.

That is what she wanted to explain, we are not one, but one of many deciding. Who we should be at a given time, talking, or listening, or anything else.


Ric Elias 3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed is a from March 2011 on In it he describes a mere plane crash that he was involved in over New York City, and last three thoughts that he had when he thought he was crashing. It started with the pilot saying that they are going down, and terror was palpable. He tells the passengers to brace for impact, and the author remembers the sheer terror that the flight attendant displayed. And at that moment Ric Elias thought he was going to die.

And with that realization came three thoughts, all of them about himself. The first one was that his life changed in an instant, things that he wanted to do, people that he wanted to mend fences with, experiences that he wanted to pursue, but now were not going to happen. The second thing, as the George Washington Bridge flew by, was how much time he had wasted on things that in retrospect didn't matter. And the third thing he learned, as he was going down, is he didn't want to break in to 20 pieces, a terror that assumes a great responsibility in the last few seconds of his life.

Then a miracle happened, he did not die. What happened next is that he challenged everyone how would they change? What things would they do, now that they know their going to die?

It is a touching story, and in its own way, a moving story. But it is also not very deep, nor does it really touch the very heart of dying. First of all, as I noted, he was thinking about himself. Exclusively himself. He wanted to be a better father, he wanted to get the negative energy out of his system. In other words, it was about him, him, him, him.
Which is normal for a person who has thought about Death only for a few seconds. But someone who has thought about Death, more than a great deal, would find it jejune, and not worth their time to discuss. In a certain September afternoon, many people saw two planes come crashing down. For a few of us, they were not planes with random numbers, but planes we had known about. Some of us had been on those exact flights, because they were common flights for work.

This then is the difference between a man who realizes only at the last instant, and someone who realizes from a very long ways away. Because everyone on the flights knew that they could be on a doomed flight at any minute, it was a risk that they had come to expect. There was even a camaraderie about living in the shadow of death. One of the differences between them, was that the last thoughts were not of themselves, but for the friends and acquaintances, a certain sense of purpose in what they did. It wasn't about me, but God, however defined. Dying was not just for oneself, it rippled outwards to the friends and comrades. It was, in a very real sense, something which could happen at any time.

In my Symphony No. 1, in the movement composed first but presented last, there is a twist in the story. In it there is a short section which is on the death of a friend, of friend where I had spoken to him just three days before. This is the difference between glancing at death when you meet it, and living with death on its own terms. One meets death and thinks about himself, the other meets death and things about all of humanity.

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The Tolkien Professor

The Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis 17


The fight was, for all practical purposes, over. And the lion was looking at the dead with Peter, while while Lucy was administering from her bottle the precious drops of fluid that bestowed life. Sandra was organizing the people, for she had instructions to keep the living alive, however much they wanted to kill themselves. Lucy had made a visit to Eddie, and given him a drop of the fluid, but made it clear that he was to be quiet. He looked up at her face, and though he didn't speak a word, he looked grateful. All around them there were creatures doing things that made sense, for Aslan had told them to do it. It was clear that the lion was in charge, but that Peter was learning quickly. Then Peter was sent to look for Sandra, because Aslan wanted them to look at something together.

What they found there was the witch garb in her blackest of black dresses, with one arm dressed in white. Both Sandra and Peter looked at her, noted that her arms were up by her sides, as if casting a spell.

“Look well son of Adam, and daughter of Eve, and see what waits for enemies who would rather take a chance on living, though they know that they won't.” explained Aslan.

“What happened here?” Queried Peter.

“It looks as if she had cast a spell.”

“When Tash took over for her, it realized she was not going to make it. So it fled, and in an instant, just an instant mind you, she had a choice. Would she die and come in to my arms, forgiven at last her sins, as great as they were, or would she gamble on going to sleep, and hoping that she would have another chance.”

“I don't understand, she had a choice, and she chose the wrong one?” asked Sandra.

“Yes, she could have been forgiven all that she did, and come back to the fold. But she would rather have, well there wasn't any other choice. Her other choice was to die and go down to what you would say, in your world, is hell.”

“So she put up her magical defenses, even though she knew they weren't going to work.” asked Sandra, “If you don't mind my saying so, that is truly a warped kind of decision if you ask me.”

Peter just stared at her, particularly her face which was warped in its complexion, as if she knew that this was death, and she was going to howl in to it's darkness.

“Why are we not showing this to Lucy and Eddie.” Sandra continued speaking.

“You for our going to be here a while, and Lucy and Eddie can learn this later.”
Peter and Sandra looked at each other, and suddenly broke out laughing. It was Peter that spoke next:

“What do you mean for a while? What about our childhood in our own world?”

“This is your world, and while you will go back to earth, it will only be for a little while. Then you will find something most excellent is waiting here for you, which will be beautiful.” The lion said. “But you will find out about that when the time comes, I promise you.”

Peter and Sandra looked at each other one more time, and then back at the lion.
“Thank you,” said Peter, “it is not everyone who learns there destiny.”

“Quickly then, there is much to do of lesser importance, but the people here, your people, need you to do it.” And so Peter, and Sandra, and Lucy, were stricken in to the world. But there was one other need, between Aslan and Eddie that needed to be resolved. So he marched Peter and Sandra in to doing their things, for their was much too be done, including sending away those animals who were just here for the battle, and wanted to get back to their things. Because after a battle there is more to be done then before it.

So as when over to Eddie, who was still quite damaged, and looked at him.

“So my friend, how does it feel to be on the right side, as opposed to the witch?”

“It feels all right, now, but it was a very narrow thing. We're is the bird?”

“To bird is trying to tell the other birds that it is all right. But there has to be some accommodation. You didn't think that this would be easy?”

“No I guess not. That means were going to stay for a while, doesn't it?”

“Your a very clever lad, more so than your eldest brother.”

“Why can't I be High King, then?”

“Your brother is the wiser of you to, you will come to see that in due course. But you have your own advantages to. Look down upon your kingdom, and particularly down at Caer Paravell. Realize that the high King will be slain monsters, or keeping counsel. You will have to do the rest of the work in running the country. That is no small responsibility.”
Eddie nodded, in a way similar to his brother, because though they were both different, day were more the same then they imagined.

Finally they are was a moment between Aslan and Lucy, because Lucy felt that she had not had any noticeable effect. She felt that she was not wanted, and she felt that she had not contributed much to the effort. Aslan not sure from behind, and she turned and looked at him.

“Daughter of Eve, you seem disturbed, as if you were not part of this.”

“I don't see how I have been of help to anyone.”

“Remember daughter of Eve, while the battle will be remembered, it was on the stone table that it was truly won, and you were definitely part of that. The boys may have cleaned up the mess, but it was you and Sandra who did the important part. And I, at least, will remember that.”

Lucy looked up at Him, and saw that he spoke the truth. That was good enough for her, because it gave her confidence to do whatever she was sent to do.

Of course there were many things to do for elevating the four Kings and Queens, which I will dispense with, you can read the about them in a myriad of books, either on your bookshelf, or at the public library. Then you can disconnect the democracy that we live in, and realize that it is broken, and you will have to do things about that. But these four are in a fantasy land, which has its own problems, and that is there lot in life.

The coronation was splendid, and went without a hitch. The Kings and Queens looked splendid, not at all like children from Earth at all. They had risen, and looked the part to a tee. All of the most important people from the land of Narnia were there, as were several important people from the lands around.

High King Peter was heroic, and would spend every number of years fighting wars, or keeping the peace from Caer Paravell. He was strong and good with a sword, or a pen, for both were effective in the right circumstance.

Queen Sandra was both calm and cunning, in full measure. She was the power behind the throne, and it came to be known, that all Peter may have signed the documents, it was her who wrote them.

While Peter was in heroic, it was often King Eddie's job to negotiate, and with that came a great deal of responsibility. While Peter was dashing around keeping the peace, Eddie was broking and cajoling the members of Narnia in to being peaceful.

And what of Queen Lucy? While King Peter was at the battle fronts, and Sandra was negotiating, and Eddie was adjudicating, she was going around the countryside and working her way in to the people's heart. The she was making a name for herself in the arts and sciences, while the other three were taking care of immediate business.

And what of me? Well I have been commenting about what CS Lewis had on his mind, though you will that the views which he had about Philosophy, in his time, were strange, and in our time are truly bizarre. After all, is you read some of his works, you will find them strange indeed. But you can put aside these and read the story, which were evolving towards a more enlightened form.

Because CS Lewis wanted to engage, and not all things that he said were true. And you can enjoy the story without buying into the larger picture.

There were many stories, and I will take some time to recount one or two of them, which are not on the list of proverbial tails. You will note for example that I allowed to slip in to the story where they were, of course that's intentional. But for the most part I will Go back to writing in my own way, because that is different from CS Lewis. But it was fun to engage his story, even if it's not the way I would tell it. And of course there are things which he did which I wouldn't use. (Such as dropping in these parentheses for example.) But even that is part of the fun, to not do things which are not in the style of my time.

After many long years, Thomas came in to the throneroom, though he was a bit stout 
around the edges, and made an announcement:

“I have news, Sire, and Mesdemmes, the White Stag has been seen again in land.”

This cause a commotion, though I am not sure why, but they sprang up and hasten to put a party together. There was very little time to put together, and chase down the white stag. It should be noted that it was winter, and cold, just as it had been so many years ago. But no one among the four recognized that there was anything amiss about that.

They were out deep into the woods, where they first encountered Narnia, Though he must be admitted that they only had a vague recollection of their time on earth, so long ago was it.

Then along the hilltop they cited the white stag and chased with all of their might. Over Hill and over Dale they chased. And they were rapidly engulfed in a deep dark wood. There was a feeling among all for Kings and Queens that they had been there before.

And then they passed a lantern, not a lantern of this time and place, but a lantern which for all the world looked like a Victorian lantern, which was a different thing entirely. Though they rode past it, they were transformed in an instant from high Kings and Queens of Narnia, into Peter, Sandra, Eddie, and Lucy, coming back to a trip which had, in this world, lasted only a blink of an eye.

Downstairs there on was calling them, and they saw that they were children, and thought that this was a dream. Sometimes they thought that Earth was, a dream, and sometimes they thought that Narnia was. There Aunt Michelle called up to them, and they hurried down the stairs, bursting with tales of the Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis. And what's more, there aunt listened, and then said:

“That's very interesting, you should catch it if you can. But I don't think that the wardrobe will be the way through next time.” The aunt looked at them with a quick eye and a merry gesture on her lips. But what she didn't do was question the sincerity of what they had to tell her.

Which was an odd thing to say for the aunt. And she said it with a twinkle in her eye, you'll remember, as if she was remembering something out of the distant past.

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If only you are real ....

The Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis 16


Meanwhile, back at the escarpment, there was a meeting of the top lieutenants, who were being given instructions. Once this broke out, there were only two people left in the room: namely Peter and Eddie. This is not the way CS Lewis would tell this story, he would have informed people indirectly, say has someone watching the battle, as opposed to being in the thick of things. But that is the way people would do things now.

“I have a suggestion,” declared Eddie “and I would like you to listen closely.” Looking out of the sides of his eyes, glancing through the pavilion windows.

“I'm listening.” Though there was still a distance between the two, as if Peter did not trust Eddie. Or maybe it was Eddie sensing.

Gathering himself close to his brother, and speaking in low soft tones: “There are spies here, and what has to follow his for your ears alone.”

Peter nodded.

“When I tried to escape, I was immediately picked up by a spy, and a fellow traveler, who while he did not know of the identity of the spy, was still in the game.”

“What does this have to do with us?” Demanded Peter.

“I have a plan.”

“Go on, I am listening.”

“When I was caught, I noticed that the wand, not the witch, had the power to turn people into stone.” Said Eddie. “And that makes me think that if we disable it, we might be able to turn the tide, at least until Aslan arrives.”

Peter the about this, and nodded. Though Peter was a great strategist, he had noticed that Eddie could engage in clever tactics.

“So what do you suggest?”

“I will take a few friends, whom you trust, and will work on getting close to the witch. Then and only then will I snatch the wand and break it. I think this will give us the best chance.”

“It's very risky, in fact far to risky.” Said Peter.

“It's our only chance.”

“Then I will distract the witch, and keep her eyes upon me, so that you can spring your trap.” that be Peter's strength.

Eddie nodded, and then took his gear.

“Remember a few people, that you trust.”

“I trust only Mr. Beaver, and a few of his friends.”

“Add in the bird. When found out that he was duped, he joined our side, even though I did not know what it was.”

Peter looked out the pavilion window, and said: “You should trust that bird.”

“You are right.”

“I know I am, but it's you that I trust most of all. And please don't forget that. I wouldn't want anyone by my side, now that you have been transformed, it is truly remarkable how you have changed in the last day.”

“I'm glad that you think so. I don't know if there is something about this land which is magical.”

“That is quite probably so, but the magic has to work into the person I think, and that is not the magic but the person.”

“Maybe it is trust, we could always do this. We just needed someone to trust us with a project that is important.”

“Maybe so.”

Peter went out the door, while Eddie stayed behind and thought of the best way to disarm the witch, because he was sure that this would be the one chance they would get. And he had to make it count. He frowned, because most of the bullies that he interacted with, first let him get roughed up, before he even got to them. And you assure that the witch would do the same thing. And that would be unpleasant. Very, very, unpleasant, as he rubbed his face in apprehension.

Here is one of those places where young adult literature and literature make a large separation, in that in YA literature things tend to simplify, where has in regular literature this is where the complexities are amped up to another degree. In the kind of story we are in there is a certain distance, which tells the reader that things are going to be completed. Where as in literature, true literature, this is only a transition which places the main character or characters in a bind. That is, there is a choice that will bind them, but it comes with a cost. There is, in YA, no such bind, and things flow smoothly.

Since, of course, this being young adult literature, there needs to be a climax to the entire tale. In other words, there was a redemption, the lion be killed, a resolution, the lion being reborn, and then a dénouement, that is the witch being overthrown. In more classical forms of literature, there are more stages, with a dénouement being built up to another, and then perhaps another. The cycle of changes is very small compared to literature.

So in this form of young adult literature, the main characters are resulting, in not complexity, the main problems. For the young, things are to be made simpler. That's why a young adult book runs 30,000 words rather than 80,000 and beyond. So instead of Eddie running into, for example, the beaver, who will turn out to have some additional problem that will be solved, instead he will rush to the story, and their will be confirmation that the story is truly going to end.

In other words, young adult fiction will confirm, while adult fiction will be more complex. This is why young adult fiction closes down more quickly, instead of drawing in, it pushes you out. On the other hand, young health fiction tells the story more simply, and in doing so gets to the point more quickly.

That means that Peter will mount upon a talking horse, and ride into the blackness, having faith that he will emerge victorious, with only a bump or two, on the way. You know this because at 30,000 words, you are reaching a climax, rather than the middle part of the story. In young adult fiction there is only one bump along the road, and then things will be victorious for the main characters.

Down the slope came Peter and Eddie, with Peter writing high to take the witches mind off of things, because Eddie has a plan, which is to break free and confront the witch and break the want. In CS Lewis's text it is in retrospect that he does this, as is often the case. In the Narnia series he does this because it is has if the story doesn't resolve around the mighty heroic events, but that follows from the real event, which is, for example, the lion being raised from the dead.

Now I must interject noting that the evil step father in book 2 is named “Mizar” which is Arabic for the star in the constellation of “Urae Majoris”, which is part and parcel of using words from the Middle East to give it flavor. I note this, because it is a pattern of CS Lewis to interject Persian or Arabic to his text, because of course “Caspian” is Greek, though it is spelled Kaspio. Though many writers attribute it to Prince Caspian by CS Lewis, though how they do this I do not know how the do so when the name goes back a long way. Some feel that the people identified as Caspian get there name from Iran, but there is no mention of it in old Iranic, though there is some question as to whether the name comes from Aramaic. Or if you are lazy you can look it up under Wikipedia, which is not something that CS Lewis had available to him, or his readers had available to him until very recently.

What I've done here is waste a good deal of verbiage, though it is interesting verbiage, for what I'm doing is keeping the mind off of Peter and Eddie, because really there is not much to say about them. I'm going to have Eddie pop up near the witch, and disarm the wand. Witch will then pull out a glass dagger, which while it is good for defense, is not have the range or the capability of of the wand. This is told in retrospect in CS Lewis, because much of the battle is glost over, because in CS Lewis the battle is an afterthought. The same is the combat in book 2, where High King Peter does not actually take charge, but instead is recounted from other characters.

So instead of recounting Eddies version, I would if CS Lewis picked some other character to recount the battle from her or his point of view. Then from this view he would have struck down upon the wand, and watched it shatter into 1000 pieces. Then Eddie is tossed aside, but having done work of removing the wand, and giving Peter a chance to take on which and her dagger. Remember witch is very powerful nonetheless, but if the lion arrives quickly, he will be the Savior of Eddie and Peter. Note I say Savior rather than savior, since obviously a lion is Christ.

She eyed him viciously, taking no mercy on blows that she reign down on him, striking to close for every one that Peter landed. But Peter was smart, and only landed blows that counted. He also knew that he didn't have to land the knockout blow, just enough to last until Aslan appeared. So he took his time, and landed enough blows to overwhelm her defenses. The witch was getting desperate, and she knew that the lion was somewhere out there, getting more troops. And she knew where they were, even if she didn't know how he would freeze. But she knew in her stone cold hard that he would have something prepared. And just at that moment, she realized that she was a pawn. Her heart was cold as stone, and a creature of Tash, and even if she won the battle, it would be Tash who would claim the prize. Because Tash was literally stone.

She flailed at the realization that she was a pawn, and only a pawn. Being used by Tash to gain Narnia from Aslan, with no independent will of her own. She felt a hand not from outside, but from within, grasping at her, and gradually reaching in to replace her will with its. The witch was gasping from within and from without.
Just at that point, Aslan with his troops appeared, beaming through as Christ in another form.

And what a Christ he was! Because just then he, young women, and all of the creatures who had once been frozen came down off the hill. There were giants, and lions, and all sides from Greek mythology. There were beavers, and all sorts of little creatures who had joined to fight the battle. Up top there was Lucy and Thomas leading the parade.

 And it was quickly over after that, because which looked up and saw the lion coming down at her, and she froze, though metaphorically.

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The lion, the witch and CS Lewis 15


Think about all the ways which CS Lewis wouldn't open a chapter. For example he wouldn't open a chapter in the middle of something, and then explain himself afterwards. Every author has his ways of opening a chapter, and if he doesn't, in these an important author, there will be some reason for it. So what are CS Lewis's ways of opening a chapter? One way is to open up the chapter in something reasonable, all too reasonable, and then the main character is knocked out, and he comes to listening to a conversation, which to the main character seems like nonsense. For example Out Of The Silent Planet. Very often he will throw the characters write into magic, and then seeing them in a distant wood, as if nothing were going wrong, it is just wood, and the characters are the thing out of place, as if CS Lewis is saying that there is something wrong with the main characters, not something wrong with the universe. Even though the author and the reader know otherwise.

When you read on author which is well known these tendencies are taken into account, for example other authors will explain things against this backdrop, sometimes assuming that you already know them, or they are explaining them to those who do not know. Thus it is very much out of character for CS Lewis to engage in picking in the middle, and then explain himself towards the back and. It just isn't a CS Lewis thing to do, he will explain things as he goes along, or he will introduce you to a character who thinks he is in a situation that he knows, but doesn't. These are CS Lewis's habits, and they differ markedly from taking up in the middle and then explain afterwards. For example in The Horse And His Boy he describes the character thinking that nothing is going to happen, and then introduces himself to a talking horse who explains that this view is wrong, and he is about to be sold to the visitor of the man who he thought was his father.

In this case, if CS Lewis were writing it, is probably would be how to gather the main characters, which in this case are three, in to 1 group. That being the two brothers, the lion and sisters, and the main army, but even that is paired down, because the lion was paired with his sisters, and the brothers were reunited in past chapters. In other words, to chapters ago everything was diffuse, and CS Lewis began chopping the characters in to smaller and smaller groups. And now he is at the endpoint, where he just needs to regroup three individuals. Which he will now do, a rather I will now do in the manner of CS Lewis. So in a chapter of CS Lewis, that would be what he did.

For example, he might bring the lion and the sisters over a hill, remarking on how small their forces were, and then the lion would take charge, and the two brothers would arrive shortly there afterwards. And there would be a planning session before the real development would occur. That real development would of course be a character from the opposite side, demanding that they surrender, or some such. Of course this being CS Lewis, there would be almost no question as to accepting this. Many authors would meekly accept the course of surrender, but not CS Lewis.

In this case, there would be something about the main oppositional character which would show, even if only in retrospect, the position that the main opposition character is in. for example if the main oppositional character is haughty, that would be noted. In this case, the cruel witch would be shown as being unutterably willing to crush the four characters, and would not even notice it. But subsidiariary, it would be shown that she has become dominated by her crueler self. Actually CS Lewis showed this early, but my decision was to expose it late. It was better theater that way.

So if you will imagine to characters, one a Minotaur, and one a cheetah common up through the thicket, which remember goes downward into the main plain, where the witch was with her army. The Minotaur spoke:

“I have an announcement from the Queen.”

At this point one of the main characters would note that “queen” was an inappropriate name for her, but would be told there was time to correct that after the battle. At which point the lion, or whoever was in charge, would ask what the commencement was.

“Speak and I will listen.” commended the lion. As I said before, I don't like using all of the ways of adding “commented” or “said”, it's very much out of the past, and others which use it really have to look at their command of English. But that is the way CS Lewis wrote, and so I will honor that, though I would not do it in my own writing.

“The queen will disperse the Army, if the four traitor are handed over to her.” in short she wants the humans, because without them there is very little reason to fear anything else..

“She had her chance, and she using deep magic, failed to do so. She does not realize, that I am more powerful than she could imagine.” Then with a roar the lion chased the two, and est. his hold over the battlefield. Then the Lion turned to Peter: “ if you can hold the which and her forces, I will free the stone people, and that will and her reign, but if you fail to do so, she will easily defeat you and then me in turn.”

“ I will hold the field, count on it.” Peter was loyal and brave, and meant what he said.
“And one more thing, your little brother has to step up.” said the lion.

Just then Eddie said: “ I have a lot of shame to bear, but I will start here.” you will live that even in honor of CS Lewis, I don't use parentheses to explain things, though that was the fashion once upon a time. CS Lewis did it about once every two chapters, or so.

So the young men, for that is what Peter and Eddie had become, marched their way down in to the Queens area, with its monsters, set amidst stone figures, to take away her vision of what would be happening at her base. Because that was indeed the plan: they would be the bait, while the lion and the young women would fetch reinforcements. Even though there reinforcements were stone.

The acute problem was that in the woods, they were easily hidden, but now in the open, they were painfully aware that if the witch could see them, it would not be pleasant. Thus the young man had to distract them as best they could.

The lion, the two young women, and a few followers moved at right angles to the Army, and would drop off in to the darkness before the Army was going to depart. The lion had a plan, a knew that a tiny gully down the side of the escarpment that the Army had encamped on, would not visible from the Queen's eye, and thus would provide them with cover until the battle would commence. Then they would sneak around and go forth to rescue the men at the Queen's base.

It was only a few minutes, and they could not see their own army, or the Queen's. They were invisible, and less they were discovered by a wandering flying manticore, or some such. They snuck down the escarpment, and were free to do what they had to do. The way was tiny, and narrow, and to each side there were hills that kept them covered.

“Are we going to make it?” Asked Lucy.

“The hills will provide some cover, but we will have to be on guard until we have gotten around to it base. She has pulled up all of her monsters and other things, so there should be little to none defending her castle.”

“What will do at that point?” said Sandra.

“The witch does not destroy, only freezes them in place. I will unfreeze.”

“Like Thomas?”

“I can on freeze him, yes. But are you sure you want?” asked the lion.

“I think he will be welcome in our family.” said Lucy.

“Who are you talking about?” asked Sandra.

“She thinks that a dear friend will be glad to see her again, after he has been unfrozen. And I agree with her, once he saw the enemy, the could not do that.” said the Lion.
Sandra nodded. Just then they reached a tiny wood, in which was the Queen's lair. Around it was a low slung wall, and inside a could not see anyone to defend it. The lion was right: the Queen had thrown all of her defense in to attacking, thus while she looked arrogant, inside she was afraid, because everything was going wrong. Her failure to kill the lion on the stone table was a sign, and she knew that that was the end of her. But she was going to fight to the bitter end, and if she could kill even one of the young men, she might just save the day. It was all she had left.

Aslan then roared and blew down the gate, and stately moved in to the inner sanctum. There were dozens of frozen creatures, but he knew which one he was going to select: a tall, in fact very tall, giant. Then he blew on him gently, and from his breath, slowly, it became flesh, when once it was stone.

The giant roared as if he were still in combat with witch, but then realized that that was not the case.

“Where am I?” He glanced around.

“I am here, giant. And I am your king, Aslan.”

The giant looked around at head level, and then looked down. He immediately bowed to Aslan.

“ I want you to break down the inner gates, so that I can free everyone.”
With this the giant made a mighty swing with his ax. And with it came tumbling down the bricks and stones.

Then the three of them, that is the lion and the two young women, went around the villa and proceeded to set all of the frozen creatures free. And in a hidden doorway there was Thomas, and Lucy looked at Aslan, and begged with her eyes to release him. So Aslan breve on him, and their key stood, at first believing that he would turn to stone, and then caught in the web of believing that he would be stoned forever. Because that is the trap: of believing that you are stoned forever, but there is just enough awareness that you will be stoned, until the end of the world. It was a truly nasty fate.

Then after He had liberated all of the creatures, many of them were loyal and tell being stoned themselves, the lion said to them in the backdrop of the castle: “We will have two get back to the battle. Because Peter and friends will not hold out for very long. They were only running a diversion.”

So the creatures picked up the pace, determined to save the Army from its fate. There was a huge throng of them, and they were quite angry indeed. Instead of going around, they went down the middle. And they arrived at the battlefield, where it looked as if the Queen would win.

  But that was before the lion came.

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The Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis 14


It was cold, just before dawn in fact. Sandra was looking away, out into the sunrise. Of course there was no moon, and that made the sky dark. Then she saw out of the corner of her eye something that wasn't stars at all, but planets. I do not know if CS Lewis has a complete cosmos, he may well have done so. In book 2 he has one planet tipping its hat to another. This is different from almost any other book, though it should be included in any fantasy novel.

But there is more to it, and it is on the level of metaphysics. CS Lewis once us to enjoy the story, and then decide whether it is the right description. Conservatives who demand purity want to look at the world through the lens of Mere Christianity and interpret every single words as an exegesis of that work. Which quite honestly repels me, it's an annoying book, by one person turning and preaching to the choir. What his people due not understand, is that CS Lewis, in full, does not take such a turn with all of its faults, and tries to make an argument, rather than berating those who do not agree with then. It is a hard task, reaching the author that you like, separated from the apologist who you do not. 

Realize that CS Lewis was atheist for a very long time, and only became Christian with the influence of JRR Tolkien, who was also broad minded. Though in his heart he to was deeply conservative, and had violent quarrels with CS Lewis. Thus one may disagree with the main thrust of CS Lewis, and like his stories. As can be seen. Of course that makes no sense at all to his Christian believers. This is why this book is written: to explain to those who want to listen why the author, and not the apologist, is a beloved figure. CS Lewis is both.

Thus when CS Lewis is called Muslim, as he has been portrayed in “CS Lewis is Muslim” , he's not far from wrong. CS Lewis, some of the time, is great and broad, even if he gets up grumpy from time to time.

So the metaphysical link is that CS Lewis writes the story with an eye to is metaphysical themes, which is not where fan fiction wants to locate the story, which is in the ticket of the action. That is no more CS Lewis then the apologist. He really wants to grip what it is his characters are doing. Which is why there are subtle differences between this text and the original. There not just variations, there is a reason why they exist. Just because it happens in a story, does not mean that details exist only in the story. And a reader can look at the story, and metaphysics of the story, at the same time.

I'm sorry for going on about this, from now on I'll tell the story and let you, the reader, make the judgments.

Getting back to the story, that would be the mice in question. The mice were not Narnia mice, yet, but they would be, for now they gnaw on the rope, remember the stone tablet could not have metal of any kind touching it. Lucy was directing them as best as she was able, pulling the levers so that the mice could do their work. This was her task: to direct the mice, and with it make them alive and Narnia, where as before they were just alive. Thus as they chewed the rope, they also got larger. And larger still. Until finally lion was free, and in that moment of freedom, the mice had finally developed consciousness. It was quite a sight to see mice finally develop consciousness, and stand on their back feet. One mouse in particular stared up at Lucy, and said first words ever said by a mouse: “Thank you very much for directing us, we could not have done it without you.”

Lucy was once again flabbergasted by this, but remembered her manners. “You did all the work, I just help you, a little bit.” The mouse bowed down to her, and she did likewise to the mouse. There was a bond between them which was indescribable.

Then Sandra spoke: “I just heard the a pulse... I think. I could be wrong, but I thought I heard one.” Then the girls and the mice listened closely, and heard nothing.

The mouse stood up: “ I think it might be necessary to listen to his heart, within the breast.” Both of the girls agreed, Lucy more so. The mouse than bent down and stared blankly, becomes his mind was on his ear. And then his eyes lit up.

“There is a pulse, I hear it very distinctly. It is in rhythm, and the it is very weak indeed, of the lion shall live.” mouse looked up at the two girls, and for first time smiled. Them the lion stirred, which was a surprise. And then a minute later he rose and shook his main, and, while feeble, let out a roar.

“We must get going.” pronounced the Lion, “becomes there is much to the done.” and he stood there and this time with much force, roared. Such a roar that you could lead that it on.

“What are we going to do now?” said Sandra, looking at her feet.

But the lion moved up to Sandra, and lifted her hand with his paw. “It's all right, you get your work while I was lying there dead. If it had been up to the gaggle of her followers, they would have ripped me then from then, with no protest from the witch. But you were there, and remind which all her duty. And she being reminded of this, had to let go. And that was a key battle, though you must have thought little of it at the time.”

Sandra looked up to the lion's face, and just a hint of a smile escaped her lips. “ I thought you would not have noticed.”

“The lion did not notice, but the Lion did. I hope you understand the difference between the two.” and not his head. She gave you understand, the mortal lion was dead, but not the immortal Lion. But that was only first encounter. And if treachery would not more than force would have to be tried.

At this point, the lion reared up and roared. Then he looked at all of the mice and spoke to them:

“Quickly, make haste to the pavilion, which you will find if you look. There tell all of them that the lion has returned.” At this point the mice's saluted him and ran off to deliver the message.

Now is time to say a few words about myself, and put this in some context. I am damaged, and while I might become less so, I will damage for my existence. Some people have wanted me to get back, brushed myself off, and go into the world as if nothing else had happened. But that isn't the case, because there is the foreground, where I do some things well, and there is the background. The the problem is since I'm damaged, I can really go back to my old existence, because it was too angry to extend a façade. And it doesn't seem to be of interest, because I know that real people live there lives differently than most.

And right now I am not a real person. Which is fine, but don't tell me that I am living a life of a real person, because I know what that life is. And people around me either don't know, or want me to jump through hoops. Which, quite frankly, is nonsense, and I know it is nonsense.

So it isn't very difficult for me to just ignore the world and do whatever it is pleases me, and if they would like to know what's going on in my head, they will do so. But in the chance that they don't want to, which by the way is far more likely, then I will ignore them and live my life. If matters not at all to me at this point.

Now back to my story, because there are many things that the characters would like to do, and I'm the one who has to do them.

The first thing, is to notice that this story, unlike CS Lewis, is free in the number of word counts. CS Lewis is very strict with these and will even break up action if it pleases him. As I said, I am a bit freer, but, and this is important, I know this, and will take the time to explain it to you the reader. CS Lewis is about 2500 words, and which he may reenter the topic changing a break in its aspect if it is with the same characters. He does is a great deal in book 5, entitled “the horse and his boy” a great deal, because it centers almost exclusively on a journey with only two characters. I wanted to point out that CS Lewis in the Narnia books is that studious about this habit, where as if you read my other works, I am not.

Anyway, the lion, and is to girls, are looking straight in to the sun as it rises, and I have two make a simple decision: is it going to be the lion, or one of the girls who will explain something that they see in the coming light? It is not an easy question to answer, because how would CS Lewis do it? After all, I know how I would do it, but that isn't the question. And in fact I have made a decision different from CS Lewis has already, my decision was to have the author, which CS Lewis does occasionally, but not very often, for example he does so in book 2 when the two planets have a close conjunction. So he does do it occasionally. But more often he selects person who has a question. And he will occasionally drop back and tell a story, but not often.

“Is it going to be a new day, Aslan?” said Lucy.

“Yes, my child, it is a new day, and the witch, though she will not show it, from this point on, is doomed.” The lion frisk his hair, in a way that I would never do. He does a lot of this, which is not my style at all. These little things matter to an author, while readers largely do not notice them.

“She nears she's doomed?” Asked Sandra, “ how does she know that?”

“She doesn't know, not in the way that I do, but she creeps around the corners, and suspects. Remember she to is a visitor, as you are visitors, and I am in my mortal form. And while they don't have an exact knowledge, there is someone peering around the corners, like the pages of a book.”

“I don't understand.” Queried Lucy.

“She doesn't know, but she suspects her time on this planet has ended. And while she might fight for it, it is a doomed effort, which she will take other characters with her.” explained Aslan.

“What is she going to do?” that was Sandra talking, but she blurted it out as if she were Lucy.

“She is going to do everything she can, and then some. Because desperate people try desperate things, and she is very desperate.” explained Aslan, “ the old world was more conducive to her, with all of its restrictions. But now, there is a new light, and there are only two restrictions.”

“What are they?” Asked Lucy.

“You will have two find says out, and relate them to your home planet.”

“Will we have to go back there?”

“Not for a very long time if you do your work. But it is your work, not mine, not the King Over the Water. Yours.”

And they looked in to the sun, and it seemed like it had kissed them, and laid its blessing on. Then the three of them entered in to the pavilion, where it was a mess, because all of the main characters were off doing something, and the subordinate characters didn't have the will.

Piano Trio #1 - I Apollonaire

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The Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis 13

It seemed, to Eddie, there were more twists than he could imagine. Even as they struck upwards instead of seeing my, instead they saw darkness. And finally he saw something that he didn't think he would ever see again, not only was there light, but it had a clean crystal feeling to it that, while it it was cold, it had an air to it that indicated that spring was ahead. This gave Eddie tremendous hope, unfortunately it was dash by a clear enough face - namely the witch. Even before she spoke, he was crushed by her image.

“So you thought you could escape?” cried witch - because now it truly was a witch. Not only had she garbed herself in black, but her countenance was ugly, though it was a pretty face, there was an undercurrent that said that there was something amiss about it. The features were wrong, and an ugliness shown through has if by magic.

She grabbed his head, and shook it. It was clear that she was not going to be kind, the way she was when they first met.

But instead of curling up in a ball, which is what you would do when he first arrived, he stood his distance, and looked her square in the face. If she was going to do something, then she would have to hit him, and make no apology for it. But she did not, because she had expended a great deal of effort to track the lion down, and even more to expand ever on the ceremony. And it was a loss for her. But she had one row of dice left, and she was determined to make it count.

Thus she ordered as many guards as she needed, and trust it was a lot, and ordered them to be ready to face Peter, even if Aslan was not behind him. She was not sure if he was defeated, that is Aslan, but she knew that his body was left on the field, and either he would be dead and a monument for his folk, or by some magic, he would be alive again.

Dragging Eddie into her carriage, she assigned guards, and their was one thing left that she had: the crystal that she had been saving. It was totally evil, and she dared not using in invoking the stone table. There was magic in the stone table which would be averse to it. She would not dare use at the same time, even if she didn't know the result, it would certainly be bad.

While she ordered her driver to go back to her city, she made plans to defend, at whatever cost. But she had one thing that she hoped no one would know: among the many powers of the crystal, it could arise forth a terrible Legion of the same kind of snake with nine heads that had plagued Eddie. Eddie meanwhile was gripped by four gremlins, and held fast. But what they did see was that they had missed the bird.

Earlier Eddie had told the bird to find Aslan, or at least Peter, and worn him that they would be coming. He knew that he would be found out if someone was looking for him, but he knew the bird was probably not a noticed. At least that was his plan.

So the bird escaped, and indeed he was unnoticed. Though the bird was not that bright, he was loyal and new that the Ridge above the mountainside, which is place where Peter had slain the two cats, was probably best place to look. So he went in that direction as quickly as he could. Want he found is that the Queen had about a third of Narnia under her control, including Caer Paravel. It should be noticed that the name of the castle and name of four Royal monarchs in the original book closely resemble each other.

He saw, that his the bird, that there were animals and other things, coming to aid the rebels, and that there was a mighty battlefield growing. So he flew down in to what looked to be the center of the activity. And what he found was that Peter, alone, was getting pretty for battle. Normally a bird would not have been noticed. But there were no birds, they being hidden, and not taking any sides as yet. So the bird was very different, not being part of either side.

Thus he stepped in to a ticket of orders going back and forth. End immediately one of the hippogriff immediately recognized that he was of special value. Therefore he had to be taken to High King Peter, with all due haste.

When they got there, the hippogriff merely clear his throat, and presented to High King Peter the bird. Where upon Peter was squaring downwards, and looking straight at the bird, and was ready to this to what he had to say. The problem is that the bird was shaking in knees and was flustered, but he gradually right himself, and began:

“I don't know who you are, but you must be in charge here.”

“I suppose so, if only by default.” intoned Peter, “ what news do you bring us?”

“I come from Eddie.”

Peter immediately perked up. “What news do you have from Eddie?”

“You know him?” Questioned the bird.

“Oh I know him very well, he is my younger brother. And though a bit mischievous, I would like to know where he is?”

“The witch has claimed him, and I don't know if he will live.”

“This his very grave news indeed, and we have two find out whether he lives or dies.”

“Are you sure that wise?” bird quest everything, which was a very fine trait. Everyone else took orders.

“Yes. In this case I am sure. We need to gather a small party, and if he is alive, or if he is dead, recover the body.”

And that his want they did, because the witch would not expect a frontal attack, just to recover a prisoner. In the end they select only two hold the fauns, and three griffins, any more than that would be easily discovered. They knew that which was doing something, because she had not gone anywhere. Though they didn't know what it was. Does they launched very low and close to ground, in order to surprise her. They also knew that Eddie would be held towards the back, and most of witch would be forward, so that would be an advantage. They planned to give a assault from a different direction, not forwards, and not backwards, because retreat would be on the witch is mind. She would sacrifice anyone to get away, because that is how she thought.

So quickly they put this together. With the wind in their face, being that the witch would not know they were coming, they quietly slipped away. The only other creature was the bird, because only he knew what to look for.

It was hard to know if they were doing the right thing. There was no one back at camp, and the two sisters were not back. But, in Peters mind, there was nothing more important then rescuing his brother. Nothing in this world. Peter was loyal to a fault, even to someone such as Eddie had been mean. He did not know that his younger brother had grown up, since last they spoke. But that didn't matter to Peter, because Eddie must have a chance to prove himself, and, quite frankly, his mother didn't really give him that chance.

So they flipped around towards the sides. And very carefully they slipped all the way into the camp with being caught. It was an overcast day from here, because the witch wanted it that way. Then they saw what was going on: the witch was concocting dozens and dozens of beings, that looked like snakes, but had many heads. She was in her black outfit, which none of them, except the bird, had ever seen her in. they to found her ugly, as if some change had made itself manifest. In one hand she had a crystal, and in the other hand, covered with a glove, she poured exactly one drop of the Crystal into a boiling chalice that was as large as an ox, for it had been made of an ox who tried to kill the witch.

What a site it was! It was copper, with dents in, and was covered in a slimy mess that was The ingredients for only one product. Now mind you there were several things that could be made with it, but she only want snakes, and of a particular kind. Realize she had not crafted it herself, instead she promised to let someone go if they would make it for her. Of course, she did not keep her promise, and instead dropped her down a hole, never to be seen again.

With great stealth Peter and the fauns went around the back, end eventually saw what had been done with Eddie. He a little bit roughed up. He was lying in the snow, for the witch held power here, and even though it was late Winter, she not having the strength to engage in high winter even close to herself. What astonished Peter, was that he was not mad, but determined, determined to get himself out, by himself if necessary.

Peter and the fauns came as close as they could, and then there eyes met with Eddie. It was a choice experience, even if it was in battle. Remember they were flat on a plane, with only bolders to hide them. But if you looked closely, you would see that they were giants. You see in the past, the witch had gathered all of the Giants, and offered them a alliance. But what Giants did not know, was she was going to betray any giants which would not join her. So Giants who did care to join her were frozen in place, until the day that she died.

But missed all this gloom, there was one thing going in there favor, no one was looking, for everyone was doing something with the snakes, and was not noticing anything else. Remember the witch merely cast them, everyone else had to assemble them in to finished legions, and that took time. And witch did not give much time to spare. She was determined to make as many as she could, even if crystal was dry.

So Eddie gave a brief look in his eye, as if to say he was ready to be sprung. Because remember he was down and gag. And Peter got it, and sprung his trap, because he knew that only one guard, a dwarf in fact, was looking at them. So he barrel into the guard, and before anyone knew it, he was over the guard and unlocking everything. Meanwhile to fauns were keeping the nightmares quiet. Peter then unlocked everything that was causing use brother to be tied up.

But just at that moment, but the witch knew something had happened, and raised to look but it was. She even poured a misshapen cobra, but she saw that High King Peter was getting away, with Eddie write behind him on a hippogriff. Of course she was enraged, and called all of her followers to get them. But it was of no use, because the were light and fast, and were up off the ground. It was hear that the giants were not in the witch's favor, because they were scattered around, almost aimlessly, and that meant that only a few of them reached then in time.

It was a race, and Peter had the edge. Though she might try, it was a losing battle, so by her logic, she moved back to the first plan, and assembled more cobras. She was determined to when the last battle.

The lion the witch and CS Lewis 12


Where was the lion going?

He was going to the stone table, and what's more, he was taking Lucy and Sondra with him. Because these two had not proven their worth yet. And they needed to do that, because all four had to be pure of heart, and clear of brain. There is one other thing that I should mention, so please bear with me. The original Pevensies were a English family, of they were white, as white as it got. But something happened, people of different colors liked the book. For example Ursula K Le Guin wrote a trilogy based on a series of separate islands. And very suddenly world exploded, with each writer telling their own story. Some more good, some more bad, and many just ripped off. Then there were things like this, which set them selves in a story world, though they told different stories. For example, a number of fans did not like Susan being a traitor.

But the stone Table is the nexus of this tale. Either good or evil will prevail, until the last battle. On the good side, someone deserves nothing but praise will be slaughtered; on the evil side, one thinks he will be united, will only then see that he was evil. This is the moment that it, that is the table, will decide. Of course the witch felt that she had been wronged. She felt that every one in the world had had it out for her. She felt it was not her fault, someone else was to blame. She gathered around herself like minded creatures, who felt, as she did, they were misunderstood. They all had reasons why they could not do the right thing. In their own mind, they were, if not pure, at least misunderstood
Now this is not the way that most people would describe them. Indeed everyone else felt that they took what they wanted. And that is the rub, their was always some reason why they had to have whatever was lying about. The first share of everything had to be theres, in less someone more powerful would take it from them. There are men and women in mortal world who behave this way to, and in the realm of Narnia what you see is a compressed form of this in action. What was the difference? Tell yourself why which always needed to have the first cut of meat, the first place of dessert, the first of anything that she wanted, and would give certain things to her favorite people when she want something. If you can understand this, then all else will follow. She is not as bad as Tash, but she walks in his footsteps. And remember, Tash is Persian for stone, and there is a reason for this.

On Aslan's side, he will give to others, and then will take for himself. He will give orders, but they are really for their own good. In other words, the Queen wanted things first, and that is what made her a witch, and Aslan one things for other people. And that makes all the difference in the world.

The three figures, Aslan, , Sandra and Lucy, were going down a quickly dimming path. Unlike ordinary times, Aslan was silent. Lucy and Sandra occasionally tried to speak with him, but he was not responding. Then finally he said: “This is my test, and I do not know if I will make it.”

“Of course youe will.” cry Lucy, though she in fact did know is he would.

But Sandra said: “What is the sign that you will one?”

“If I do not make up, then surrender yourself to the queen. If I do wake up, there is still a good chance that which will triumph. She is clever and cunning. And we will have to fight our best.”

“Is this it, then? There is any more?” sad Sandra, “I was just kidding use to this, and now it's gone.”

“Most things are. Sooner or later, everything comes to an end. Of course I genuinely hope that it's a beginning, and all of the wonders things will happen. But you have to put it in to practice. With the queen there are two possibilities: one that she is truly been wronged, or two, she will fight and win. With me there is only one: I really am who I say I am.”

“But, don't you see that that possibility is the only one that will have?” said Lucy.

“People may know from the outside, but inside it is called and dark. And all around me there is the stifling fear that I could be wrong.”

“But that is not possible.” pronounced Sandra, “ you have been most kind and wonderful and gentle creature that we could imagine.”

“I hope you are right, but realize it is the test of things that matters.” On this he had a point. “ I want the two of you to do something for me.”

Both girls agreed, even violently so.

“Remember she only has my body so long as it's living. To not under any circumstance allow her to tread across this line. My living body is hers, but my dead body is not hers. Remember this well, it is important.”

They had been going gently down, and the road was dark, and figures were around them, coming very close. They were individual shapes, with the kind of crowded pieces, each was individual shape, that moved from side to side. There was no rule for how many shapes they could display, most of them didn't even have two eyes, when three or more would do. Some were cats, and some were dogs, there was a scattering of Minotaurs, but mostly they could not be described in a feature. In fact, most of them could have been fish, or snake, or any other thing imaginable. Some were claiming, others slew, and still others combined the two, and felt as if they were both at once.

And in the midst of this was the witch. For a while she had worn a white long slim dress, but she had tossed it for one that was just a bit off of black. It wasn't quite black, but only creatures with senses for beyond what humans could ascertain, was that the case for all four of the humans, though Lucy had some odd visions now and again. What was more apparent was the number of jewels that were said in the brocade that she wore. These were older than this world, and of all things, they were treasurable to her, there were anklets, and wrists of black amethyst, there were necklaces, and things around her waist. 

These were precious to her because they had come with her from her life before. Her face was gaunt, that it is it was angular. Her robes from her shoulders without any trace of her hips. She wants indeed terrible to behold in the moonlight. There were many years holding candles and torches, each one of them revealed a different kind of figure. And their were at least 1000 figures that whisk in and out of the torchlight procession.
Then the witch held the her hand, signaling to each one of her followers that she wanted silence. And their was a desperate silence indeed.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself? I notice that you have left the boy, which was my wish.”

“What use is it of yours that he be here?”

“Since he had forfeited his right to be here, I demand justice. And I will send him to pay the ultimate penalty.”

She then showed the stone table in all of its glory. It was at least 10 m in length, and about about 1 m in length, it there was a low table. On it were written many strange things, though they could not be read, Aslan knew them to be penalties, often of extreme nature. They were harsh, but rarely enforced.

“ I will take his place.” Muscling his jaw very firmly.

“That is your right, but it only works once, and for one time only.”

He had said the witch and he in motion. The witch knew that if she could condemn him to the slightest terror, the slightest tremor, then she would claim that he had not gone willingly to his death, and she could have the boy too. She also knew if he submitted, completely and utterly, that the boy will go free. She also knew that he work come back again. Because she knew that deeper magic from before the dawn of time would crack the stone tablet. It was then in her mind to do as nasty work as she could, and hope that Aslan would be terrified. Because the flaw in the witch's plan was she could not imagine just lying there and allowing someone to stab her. In her mind it was inconceivable. Therefore she conceived that if he became frightened, their would be some motion, some sign, and she would have him.

The lion merely stood there, accepting his fate.

Than she had the nerve to share him, which was not permitted, but was acceptable. And dozens of her followers eagerly complied. So before her his body, every inch of it, was denuded. The beings laughed at him, and laughed, and laughed. Then she had him rolled over on to his back. There was a terrorist in the air, and every breath was held. Because only then did she have him down, and not until then.

But the lion did not move an inch. He stood there, as if to challenge her authority, but in no way was there a single thing that she could point to.
The witch was enraged, because she was sure that the lion would have given her something with which to declare victory. But so far as anyone could see, not a muscle, down to his nails, did he even blink.

Then and only then did she have ropes to bind him. For ugly hags, with at least three heads, complied. They than bound him up as tightly as they could. Down to every claw. And then they checked their work, slobbering as they did so. It was quite a revolting sight. Then the witch closed in on the lions face.

“You think you have won, but who will protect them once you are gone?” she grimaced with a happy glee. “I will crush them, once you are gone.”

The lion did not breath a word, because even that would have been a violation. He just stared in to space.

Then she moved her hands and produced a stone knife. Then, to all the assembled company, she pulled a thread from her own hair, and proceeded to show everyone how sharp it was, by slicing it from stem to stern.

But even then, the lion did not move.
Then she raised the dagger and plunged it in to his heart. And held it there, and tell the final last drop. Then something happened. Saundra stood up on the table.

“That is enough, you have done your duty, and now it is time for me to collect the body.”

Now the witch, as I have said before, was not only evil, but lawful as well. She did not dare question her authority. Because not everyone was the same way, they would pull from them to them if they got there way. Even now several of them wanted to do so. But the lawful nature of her being would not allow this. And she could not turn the body of the lion over to them, because that would be just as much a violation as doing it herself. So, rather surprisingly to many of them, she stood a side. And just add that moment the table cracked, striking terror in to every living thing that was evil. They were flying, scampering, or fleeing in some way.

And left alone were the lion, the two girls, and mice. The stone tablet was destroyed, as the lion had suspected it might, but was not sure. The dawn was coming up, because now it was in fact it Midsummer night's dream, and what would happen next is like a phantom.